Turning "Past" Clients into Brand Ambassadors: 5 Practical Strategies from Homebook

Turning "Past" Clients into Brand Ambassadors: 5 Practical Strategies from Homebook

29 March 2024
Turning "Past" Clients into Brand Ambassadors: 5 Practical Strategies from Homebook

t Homebook, we believe that clients don't become "past" after a deal is closed. They are bridges to new opportunities, ambassadors of our brand, and valuable members of the community we've helped build.

In this blog post, we share 5 practical tips to keep these relationships vibrant and productive:

1. Personalized Communication:

  • Stay in touch by sending meaningful messages on special dates or acknowledging personal achievements.
  • Strengthen the relationship after the closing of the deal by showing that you care about your clients.

2. Continuous Value and Educational Content:

  • Send regular newsletters with insights into the real estate market, decoration trends, and practical tips.
  • Position yourself as a reliable resource and demonstrate your continued interest in your clients.

3. Appreciation Events:

  • Organize annual events to express gratitude and bring your clients together.
  • Create opportunities to show appreciation and encourage networking among participants.

4. Referral Program:

  • Encourage your clients to refer friends and family by offering advantageous incentives for both parties.
  • Cultivate loyalty and promote word-of-mouth marketing, expanding your reach and building new relationships.

5. Regular Check-ins:

  • Reach out periodically by phone or message to keep the relationship alive.
  • Show that your interest in your clients goes beyond real estate transactions, building trust and loyalty.

Above all:

Offer unparalleled customer service!


You can't control all aspects of the market, but you can offer an unforgettable service experience, regardless of the circumstances.

Excellent customer service involves:

  • Keeping promises
  • Communicating actively
  • Being accessible and responsive
  • Offering useful information and advice
  • Demonstrating empathy and honesty
  • Anticipating needs and understanding challenges
  • Providing solutions

The difference between good service and extraordinary service is how you make your clients feel.

If clients feel respected, understood, valued, and like the most important part of your business, you're already one step ahead of the competition in building lasting customer relationships.

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