Many, many years ago....

... at a table on a terrace on Avenida de Paris in Lisbon, a long conversation about experiences in mediation resulted in the motivation to present the market with a better proposal for real estate consultants. Homebook was born in September 2015 with the idea of creating an effective ecosystem that would promote the best professionals and help them capture the trust of their customers.

We see ourselves as "experienced innovators".

Mediation is a consolidated activity in terms of processes. Still, with an attitude of continuous improvement, there is room to improve and innovate.

Technology is for us a means to simplify bureaucracy, work systems and above all to amplify relationships, quality and profitability of the entire process chain from consultant onboarding to after-sales.

We are the only mediator that rewards consultants based on the quality of the service.

We are the creators of the 2nd Appraisal (collaborative valuation of real estate).


We invest in a culture of transparency

We want to be recognized for the transparency of all processes, whether in the day-to-day management or in the way each of the Homebookers relates to the customer.

We never forget that we created Homebook with the desire to develop a company where we enjoyed working as consultants. That's why the work environment is an asset that we constantly take care of.


Leadership makes the difference.

The role of leaders in the Homebook is fundamental. We believe that there are many formulas for success and that a leader is the one who can get homebookers to act.

The role of leadership is also to pass on the company's culture. It is also the responsibility of leaders to carry out one of our beliefs: every Homebooker has to understand the business of mediation. Knowledge and the ability to interpret the market is the only way to grow in this industry and to present yourself as an above-average professional. Our focus is on the productivity and quality of service of each of Homebook's consultants.


To grow is also to fail more than to succeed

Homebook's growth has been carried out in a sustained manner and in continuous improvement of systems and services. From the first market tests until today, there is a solid belief that relationships and quality of service are the distinguishing factors of this activity. We disagree with those who claim that there are service nuances or technological disruptions that alone assume a value proposition to the customer, solve their problems or create a better service experience.

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